Welcome to the home page of Air Quality Research Group. AQRG is a research group within Department of Environmental Engineering of Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey. The group has a long established reputation for working closely with industry and fostering interdisciplinary research through close collaboration with toxicology and other disciplines.
Members of the group are also involved in promoting a better life standards and the general concepts of clean air towards an improved public understanding of science.


Our new project named “Air Quality Assessment in Kütahya: Estimation of the Sources, Measurements and Health Risk Analysis” is supported by TUBITAK.

Hot Papers

  • Enis T. Turgut, Mustafa Cavcar, Ozan D. Yay, Mehmet Ucarsu, Elif Yilmaz, Oznur Usanmaz,Kadir Armutlu, Tuncay Dogeroglu, Richard C. Miake-Lye, Analysis of Test-Cell Emission Measurements of Newly Overhauled Turbofan Engines, JOURNAL OF PROPULSION AND POWER, 31(2), 559-572, 2015
  • Enis T. Turgut, Mustafa Cavcar, Ozan D. Yay, Mehmet Ucarsu, Elif Yilmaz, Oznur Usanmaz, Kadir Armutlu, Tuncay Dogeroglu, A gaseous emissions analysis of commercial aircraft engines during test-cell run, Atmospheric Environment, 116, 102-111, 2015
  • Özlem Özden Üzmez, Eftade O. Gaga, Tuncay Döğeroğlu, “Development and field validation of a new diffusive sampler for determination of atmospheric volatile organic compounds”, Atmospheric Environment, 2015, 107, 174–186.

Upcoming Events

  • ISEE2015 27th Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology – Addressing Environmental Health Inequalities
    • Location: Sao Paulo
    • Time: August 30th - September 3rd, 2015
    • Ozan Devrim Yay-  “Simple Air Pollution Regression Mapping for Exposure Assessment at an Urban Location”
  • EAC 2015 European Aerosol Conferene
    • Location: Milan
    • Time: September 6-11, 2015
    • Eftade Gaga, Akif Arı, Pelin Ertürk